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On-line Registration

Online registrations started on the 21st of March 2012. For the benefit of interested colleagues and friends, you can utilise the social media buttons shown above to inform them of this unprecedented event in the CEE region and in a beautiful holiday location. Invite two other registrants and you each pay just EUR 99.00. When you arrive on-site, you have the option of either checking-in to get your name badge on Sunday evening (11th November) or on the day of the event. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your check-in process runs smoothly. The fees stated during the registration process are only for those delegates wishing to take part in the plenary sessions and the Gala dinner / evening entertainment. There is no fee required for those attending just the exhibition.


On-Site Registration

Delegates who are unable to register online have the option of registering on-site. Either on Sunday evening (11th November) or on the day of the event. The full fees of EUR 199.00 will have to be paid before a name badge can be printed and issued. Only cash will be accepted for on-site registrations. Please do not forget to pay the extra fee if you intend to take advantage of the Gala Dinner and evening entertainment.


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